Make it happen
Aramis Group

Strengthen the Group’s image in the financial community and ensure its credibility with future investors.

Early 2021, Aramis Group went public.
The orchestration organization of this event was based on a communication campaign whose objective is to establish the image of Aramis Group in the financial community to ensure its credibility with future investors. From then on, the challenge of this campaign lies in its capacity to pass the perception of a brand whose visibility is essentially ensured by its activity in the online sale of secondhand cars for individuals.

It is thus a matter of affirming Aramis Group as an European group, in its entrepreneurial dimension, by relying onstressing its formidable growth (uninterruptedcontinuous since its creation in 2001), and its perspectives of development.

Our role is to devel Back to Our Work op a unique and persuasive growth project for the company, understood by all audiences and organized according to the essential themes of financial communication: its professions, the management teams, the major strategic axes and the pillars of growth. The content thus created enabled us to accompany the Group in this crucial stage of its development as well as in its investor relations program.

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